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my ramblings...

6 August 1985
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LJ, like AIM and so many other things, you seek only to destroy my academic life. But I still <3 you.

I'm just a regular guy going to Virginia Tech and hoping to stay here in Blacksburg as long as possible, because I love it. Feel free to add me and chances are I'll add you back.

I use this journal mainly as a way to vent, shoot the shit, and ponder things that people usually don't want to talk about, so you've been warned. Please don't take anything I ever post on this seriously - it's the internet. And if I post an asshole entry, its just because I'm angry at the time and am not thinking about my words. I don't do that often, and try to compile my thoughts in the least offensive way, but it doesn't always work.

Other than that, mainly using LJ as a way to keep up with all of my friends and make new ones, so feel free to hit me up!