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Last Question I've gotten - my ramblings...
Last Question I've gotten
Vern hokiebear2000  asked "Many people go to Blacksburg with the intention of going to school for four-six years and then returning to civilization, only to decide they they want to stay in Blacksburg far beyond their graduate years. (I myself was like that--I would have stayed if jobs had been available in my field.) When you graduate, are you planning on making tracks out of Blacksburg as soon as possible, or have you considered the possibility of making making it a permanent home?"

I'm still not entirely sure what I plan on doing after I graduate. I'd like to go into teaching, but if another opportunity comes along that I can jump right into (not needing to take more classes to get a teaching license) then I'd definitely consider it. In Blacksburg everything is really pretty cheap. If, when I graduate, I'm in a part-time job that I enjoy, then I will probably try and work more hours at it and stick around indefinitely until I find a job I really want, somewhere where I want to live (which is looking like maybe NC).

I definitely love Blacksburg though, and I think it'd be interesting to watch it grow & change (it's done quite a bit of that even since I've been here). It also seems like if you get 10 miles away or so, that houses and land get pretty damn affordable pretty quickly, which is a huge plus for me. So yeah, I've thought about it, but like yourself I guess it just depends on the job situation when I graduate.

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adabillius From: adabillius Date: March 24th, 2009 03:16 am (UTC) (Link)
Yay NC! Come and visit me again!
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