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Road Trip Ideas - my ramblings...
Road Trip Ideas
Going on a road trip with 5 of my friends over spring break, and while we've got the major destinations nailed down & planned out, a lot of these places none of us have been to so if anyone out there has any tips on cool (and free or really cheap) things to do I'd really appreciate hearing about them.

Specifically, we all want to see The Alamo but don't know wtf else there is in & around San Antonio. Same with New Orleans - none of us have ever been there. Chicago I think we've got down (my sister lives there), and St. Louis (where my old roommate now lives). Roswell & Denver not so much. Vegas we were planning on just walking around to various casinos / hotels.




Friday March 6th

            -Leave Blacksburg 5pm

            -9 hours to Lynchburg,  Tennessee (Gain an hour – CST)

Saturday 7th

            -9am JD Distillery opens 1 hour tour

            -Another local brewery/distillery tour (free hats!)

            -Leave Lynchburg area around 12-1pm toward Memphis (4.5 hours)

            -Arrive Memphis @ 5-6pm

            - In Memphis

                        -Rock ‘n Soul Museum final admission at 6:15 open til 7 ($10)

                        -Pictures @ Graceland Gate, Heartbreak Hotel

                        -Leave Memphis 9pm

            -Head towards New Orleans (7 hours)

                        -Arrive NO @ 4am – sleep

                        -Look for hostel

Sunday 8th

            -Arrive New Orleans @ 4am

            -Spend entire day in New Orleans

            -10pm - Head towards San Antonio (11 hours)

Monday 9th

            -Arrive San Antonio 9am

            -Spend the day in San Antonio

            -10pm - Leave for Roswell NM (11 hours)

Tuesday 10th

            -Arrive Roswell NM 8am (Gain an hour – Mountain Time)

            -11am - Leave for Grand Canyon (11 hours)

            -Arrive Grand Canyon Campground 11pm (Gain an hourArizona does not

                        Observe daylight savings which would spring forward on 3/8/09)

-***Alternately, sleep in the car and stay in Roswell as long as we want or until


Wednesday 11th

            -Wake up at 8am

            -Spend time at Grand Canyon till 2pm

            -Arrive Las Vegas 7:30pm (5.5 hours) (No time change - because AZ is already

                        An hour behind the rest of mountain time because of DST, it’s the same

                        As PST once clocks are set forward on 3/8/09)

            -2am Leave for Denver CO (13 hours)

Thursday 12th

            -Arrive Denver CO 4pm (Lose an hour – PST to MST)

            -11pm - Leave for Janesville WI (16 hours)

Friday 13th

            -Arrive Janesville WI 4pm (Lose an hour – MST to CST)

            -Spend the day/night hanging out

Saturday 14th

            -Leave Janesville WI 10am

            -Arrive Chicago Noon

            -2pm Leave for St. Louis (6 hours)

            -Arrive St. Louis 8pm

                        -Arch (ride to top closes at 9)

                        -Science Museum ($10 – open till 3am. Sells cheap alcohol)

                        -Crash at Phil’s

Sunday 15th

            -7am Leave for Blacksburg VA (12 hours) (Budweiser brewery optional but we

Would have to leave and thus get back later)

            -8pm – arrive Home (Lose an hour – CST to EST)


***Time estimates between locations include extra time to stop for fuel & rest areas
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plebiansunite From: plebiansunite Date: February 18th, 2009 12:34 pm (UTC) (Link)
If you route from Denver through Kansas, you can stay here free of charge to sleep if you want!
From: hokiebear2000 Date: February 18th, 2009 02:58 pm (UTC) (Link)
Ummm.... Take me with you!!
From: hokiebear2000 Date: February 18th, 2009 03:07 pm (UTC) (Link)
Okay, some off the cuff thoughts....

In San Antonio, check out the Riverwalk, which is a bunch of shops and restaurants and bars around the river in downtown. On the Riverwalk is a BBQ place that Bobo and I went to--County Line BBQ--it was excellent, and they had an all-you-can-eat dead animal fest (it really is obscene). There's also a nice gay, um, sauna. (Yeah, that's the term.)

New Orleans obviously has its casinos, and its sleaze pits. At that time of night, you still might find some action at Rawhide, a gay bear/leather bar--everyone should experience the chaos at least once. There are more restaurants than you can believe--I love Ralph and Kacoo's, and adore the Gumbo Shop. If you are into Blue Dog art, George Rodrigue's studio is right there in town. Also a seedy but very enjoyable gay, um, sauna.

In St. Louis, hit Ted Drewe's--it is some of the best custard in the world (get a Concrete). Used to drink my ass off at Lacleade's Landing.
otcub From: otcub Date: February 18th, 2009 08:09 pm (UTC) (Link)
I will be in Vegas the same day you will. Small world!
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